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One of my favorite on-the-ground bloggers is Wang Jianshuo.  His latest blog entry is about a new regulation regarding apartment rental in Shanghai.  Apparently, landlords are required to rent only to a single family or individuals.  In additional, everyone should have their own rooms and a minimum of 5 sq meters (which is equivalent to ~55 sqft). 

In the discussion, Jianshuo pointed out that this regulation over simplifies the problem (presumably of over-crowdedness, unsafe living conditions, etc.) and creates further complications.  Given the escalating rental prices in Shanghai, he deems the law unreasonable and impractical.  He then concluded that this is another un-enforceable regulation that is just a piece of paper and will be put under the rug, so to speak. Jianshuo further observed  that more and more new regulations are popping up recently, presumably as government reacts to social issues arising admidst rapid growth and the lack of an adequate social infrastructure.  

This story highlights one of the many challenges faced by authority in a rapidly changing social environment.  It seems this is a phase that’s unavoidable; there will be a bit of chaos, a bit of growing pains, and a whole lot of confusion. 


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