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PandaI have learnt a whole lot about Blogging in the past 3 summers… In summer of 2005, I blogged about Media.  I actually tried to write quality articles (well, it’s subjective, of course) – but at least some thoughtful pieces.  That turned out to be very painful as I struggled to find topics on a consistent basis.  By August that year, I was exhausted and called it quit.  Then summer 2006 rolled around.  I wanted to blog again, and this time learnt my lesson (or so I thought).  I decided to write about anything Current; so I blogged about things I came across in NYC, my travel destinations, and anything that came to mind really.  That worked well for a little while…  but I then lost interest.  I didn’t get much satisfaction from just putting my daily life online.  I reverted to writing a personal diary.  Again, I called it quit by end of August.

It’s June… summer’s rolling in.  My writing itch has returned, so I decided to try a third (and last) time.  This time, I picked a topic that I’m most passionate about, and one that I believe I can truely start a dialogue with readers.  With that said, here launches ThinkChina.  Please visit frequently, and leave a note or two. 


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